The Menu

Chef Rene Bisson have created a menu using the finest seasonal produce. Taking inspiration from around the world.

Using incredible Guernsey produce, all food is prepared on site every day. All ingredients are so good they really speak for themselves.

Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Options

Please inform the staff if you have any kind of food allergy and we will cater for your requirements

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A La Carte

A La Carte



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Soup of the Day

Home Baked Loaf & Butter GFO



Guernsey Crab, Crisp Apple  Salad

Lime Coriander Gel, Sour Cream GFO



Curried  Red  Lentil  Soup

Home Baked Loaf & Butter GFO



Honey Mustard  Rolled  Ham  Hock

House Branston, Cumin Oil  GFO



Caramelised Pear, Butternut Salad

Claret  Syrup, Greek  Feta, Maple Dressing, Dried Fruit GF/DFO/VN



Oak Smoked  Salmon

Caper Crisps, Warm Bread GFO



Marinated Seafood Salad

Tiger Prawns, Crab, Calamari, Salmon, Seabass

Citrus Dressing, Harissa & Chopped Herbs GF



Warm Pigeon Salad

Caramelised Onions, Cranberry, Spinach, Vinaigrette Jus

£8.95 GF 


Platter  of  Home Baked  Bread

Butter, Olive Oil, Balsamic



Main Courses

Slow Poached, Seared Rump  of New Season Lamb

Tomato Confit, Roast Garlic,Greens , Herb Potato, Balsamic Jus

  £14.50 GF


Pan Seared Bass Fillet

Sauteed Spring Vegetables, Lemon Potatoes, Beetroot Puree Butter Sauce

 £17.50 GF


Mint  Fish  &  Chips

Crisp  Beer Battered Cod Fillet, Tiger Prawns, Minted Mushy Peas

  £11.95 GFO/DF


Traditional  Guernsey  Bean  Jar

Casserole of  Haricot Beans, Ham Hock, Beef Shin, Carrots, Onions

 £10.95 GF/DF


Fennel Crusted Tuna Steak

Ginger Sweet Peas, Rice Noodles, Chipotle Carrot Paste, Ponzu Dressing

 £18.95 GF/V/DF


Vietnamese Chicken Bowl

Stir Fried Vegetables, Sesame, Mango Slaw  £12.50 GF/ DF


Guernsey Crab Risotto Cake

Red Pepper Lentil Viniagrette

  £15.50 V


Garlic Chilli Tiger Prawns

Avocado,Bacon Home Confit Tomatoes

  £14.95 GF 


Rib Eye Steak Frite

Confit Tomato, Flat Mushroom,Truffle Chips  £18.95 GF

With Butter Poached Lobster Tail  £25.00


Vegetarian  Mains

House Dried Tomato, Roast Goat Cheese Salad

Sweet & Sour Dressing, Toasted Pine nuts, Salsa Verde

 £12.95 GF


Veggie Platter

Tempura Vegetables, Various Cheeses, Chutneys, Pulses, Crusty Bread & Butter



Wild Mushroom Salad

 Warm Truffle Vinaigrette

 £13.50 GF VGN


Ratatoulie Risotto

Gremolata Salad

 £12.50 GF/ VGN


Box Baked Camembert

Peppered Pineapple Jam, Herb Grissini

£12.95 V


Side Orders 

Home Cut Chips  £3.95 

Sweet Potato Wedges £3.95 

Mashed Potatoes .£3.50 

Mixed Vegetables £3.95 

Chorizo Fritters £4.50 

Garlic Herb Bread £3.50 

Coleslaw £3.25 

Crispy Onion Rings  £3.25 

Side Salad  £3.95 


Childrens Menu 

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ham Egg and Chips

Battered Chicken Nuggets, Chips

Sausage Beans Chips

Fish Fingers Chips Peas 



Tom & Rene pride themselves on theire no nonsense personable service,  with this in mind please inform our staff of any allergies, so we can cater for your requirements.


Thank you from the management

We hope you enjoy your visit to the  Mint, @ Last Post